BRING QUALITY TO LIFE, BQtL, Lions activity with tents

The tent-activity by the Swedish Lions are one of the most international well-known activity. Swedish clubs are recommended to donate, every year, at least 4 Euro/member. Lions work together with Swedish Contingencies Agency, MSB since 2004. Swedish Lions provide MSB with tents and MSB, as the government authority, will deliver the tents when EU or UN asks for help in a disaster situation somewhere in the world. The tents are blue, with the logotype Lions and MSB and “Bring Quality to Life” printed on the tents. The tents are 15 square meters according to UNHCR’s regulation and every tent has 6 blankets. If possible, a Swedish Lion will go with MSB to the area in need and make contact with local Lions. The tents, up to now, have been delivered to Pakistan, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Peru, Kirgizistan, Burma, China, Haiti, Tunisian, Turkey, Philippines, Iraq and Greece.
Over the years Swedish Lions have provided MSB with over 5 000 tents for 3 000 000 Euro.
Contact: bringquality@lions.se